Powerful and durable Grass Trimmer for domestic trimming and lawn edging.

FS 38


Displacment cc 27.2
Power output kW/hp 0.65/0.9
Weight kg 4.1
Standard Cutter Blades AutoCut C 5-2

Standard features

Loop handle (R):

The loop handled grass trimmers and brushcutters are ideal for working in areas where space is limited, e.g. thinning between bushes and shrubs.

Multi function handle:

All the engine controls are at your fingertips, allowing easy and safe operation.

Additional features

Easy2Start (E):

STIHL Easy2Start makes it possible to start the machine with very little effort. This supports the starting process with an additional spring accumulator between the crankshaft and starting starting device which reduces the force needed to start the machine. Even if you only pull the starting cord slowly the engine starts easily.

STIHL ElastoStart:

This special starter handle ensures a smooth starting process without any sudden peak forces. The integral damper smooths the power profile that is generated during starting. Makes the starting process a lot easier.

Carrying system:

This Carrying system evenly distributes the weight between the user’s shoulders, back, hips and upper thighs and also serves as a practical transportation aid. With soft padding for increased comfort during prolonged use and when working on large areas.


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