Stihl SynthPlus Chain & Cutter Lube


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Do you question which lubricant is suitable for which cutting attachment, climate zone or type of wood? No need to puzzle over the answers with semi-synthetic STIHL chain lubricant. Our high-performance lubricant is extremely suitable for all moving saw chains. Well protected. STIHL chain lubricant effectively protects saw chains from wear. Thanks to its high temperature resistance, cutting attachments are optimally protected even from short-duration maximum thermal loads. Smoking is inhibited. Keeps on flowing. Even at temperatures down to -20° C, STIHL chain lubricant retains its outstanding flow properties. Selected additives prevent resinification of the cutting attachment and other treated parts. And you can start using the saw straight away, even after an extended idle period. Prices starting from $12.25.

1L, 5L, 20L, 200L.

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1Litre, 20Litre, 5Litre


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