Circular Saw Blade – Chisel Tooth


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Chisel tooth circular saw blade for bushes

There are three types of saw blades available: The Scratcher-tooth saw blade has a very good cutting capacity and is also suitable for hedges. The Chisel-tooth blade has a smooth, soft cut and a low kickback. It is very easy to sharpen and provides a good cutting capacity. The Carbide-tipped saw blade is very robust and has a long edge life in normal applications. It is suitable for special applications in dry, sandy areas or cutting close to ground (ground contact).

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Chisel Blade – 225-24 / id 20.0mm, Circular Saw Blade – Chisel Tooth – 200mm (22 Z – FS 260 – FS 450), Circular Saw Blade – Chisel Tooth – 200mm (22 Z)


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